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LEARN            DRESS UP           CREATIVITY           SAVE THE OCEANS


"This was an unexpected and very pleasant discovery of a book!  I’ve always been drawn to children’s books, and am so honored to review this one!  I look forward to watching Sasha as she grows and follows what is certain to be a fascinating life path!  BRAVO!!"

Kim, Window to My World blog

"What a wonderful book to read with your daughters. It might inspire them to play make believe and/or to learn about amazing women. I could see a teacher or youth leader reading this book to their group and then having the children pick one of the women to learn more about."

Kathleen Bailey, Callista's Ramblings blog

"Open up that dress up trunk and become inspired with Sasha as she puts down her books she read about remarkable historical women of the past and becomes them! The fancy hats and dresses, the role modeling of styles from women like Audrey Hepburn and Billie Holiday. This is the girliest of girl books for daughter and Mom written by Sasha herself! She just became her own inspirational woman!"

Erin Sluka, Parenting Healthy

Curious about how I spent my summer in my mom's closet?


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