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Meet the Girl Behind Legends From Mom's Closet!

Hi everyone! My name is Sasha Olsen. I’m so happy to share this project with everyone and all the kids reading this. If you want to know more about me, well... I’m passionate about saving the oceans, a ballroom dancer, a bookworm, a pianist, and really anything artistic. I’m always finding new hobbies and things to do. This usually ends up in me trying to juggle everything! Especially, when it comes to learning new languages.

I recently published this book, Legends from Mom's Closet! My goal is for everyone to see that we can learn new things in a fun and creative way. When I started sneaking into my mom’s closet to dress up as these different legends, it actually helped me realize more about how they lived their lives. Try using what’s right in front of you to find out more about topics you love. I hope my book inspires you guys to think outside the box!

It’s also really important to me that people see that we need to help save our oceans! Instead of buying new things and throwing them away all the time, we can just use our family’s vintage clothes or even buy secondhand.

You can buy my book online on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target and more!

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